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Default paypal dispute, transaction id incorrect...

I'm trying to dispute a payment on PayPal, I bought something from a (trusted) site but there was an error on the site, and it ended up saying I hadn't paid for it so I cancelled the order.

The customer support on the site is awful so I was going to dispute the payment (is this a good idea?)

However paypal says the transaction ID is wrong, I've copy and pasted it a million times but nothing.
the transaction ID listed for my payment begins with O-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, and according to paypal that amount of digits doesn't even fit in the box provided. I've tried without the first 2 letters, and the last 2 letters, still incorrect.
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Default paypal dispute, transaction id incorrect...

If they ignore you, there is no problem with disputing via PayPal. Good citizens don't cower from doing the right thing. They might do wrong things by accident, but no communication or attempt to investigate is the reason there is a PayPal mechanism.

"I've copy and pasted it a million times but nothing."

1) You should dispute directly from within your PayPal account - on the transaction line item itself. If you are past the claim eligibility (90 days), you will get an error.

2) A transaction can have many ID numbers associated with it, especially if the backup funding from your bank account or credit card took place. Try all of these associated numbers, which you can find on the original date transaction "detail".

Edit: my transaction numbers look like this "9BY54657YP9980539"
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