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Default question for rich/wealthy people only

Here are my questions:
1. What is it like being very wealthy?
2. How did you get to where you are now? (Please be specific)
3. Please tell me the pros and cons of being rich (likes and dislikes).
4. What do you do with your money? (Spend mostly on shopping or anything like that)
5. How does this effect your social lives (Friends and family)
6. Do you do any good deeds with it? (It's ok to be honest)
Please give me detailed information. Please add more information if you like. Thanks!

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Default question for rich/wealthy people only

its great
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Default question for rich/wealthy people only

1, There is much more to wealth than money, family, health, relationships, etc.
2. Accepting Jesus Christ and adhering what Scripture says about money, Working smart and hard.
3. Pro's of riches? Able to help others by giving both time and money. Can't think of a con other than some people are jelouse you have it.
4. Saving, enjoying some of life's material things
5. Has little effect on our social life other than how I answered 3.
6. Good deeds is what it is truly about. Scripture says to much is given, much is required.

Seek first the kingdom of God and ALL these things will be added. The love of money is the root of all sorts of evil. Give and it will be added in good measure. Simple principles to live by, but for many tough to do.
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Default question for rich/wealthy people only

You get rich by investing and creating. Life is awesome when you have money. Good deeds and things are for those to think about who are not enjoying life.
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Default question for rich/wealthy people only

1. I am very wealthy by my own standards, which are different from the world's standards. I have more than enough to live on comfortably. I have money to give to the less fortunate. I have a warm home, a reliable car, a steady job, and abundant food to eat. I'll never be on the Forbes 500 list but that's never been my goal.
2. I live on less than my income and save a lot of it.
3. Pros are everything I listed in (1) above. No cons.
4. See (2) above. I live as though I make half of what I really do. My goal is to have an early retirement, and saving a lot can help make that possible.
5. Because I live below my means, I have been able to keep the same friends for a long time. Even friends who make much less than I do. I don't tell anyone what I make or how much I have. That avoids any jealously or envy and awkwardness. The biggest problem people have when they get a lot of money is tell people, and that ruins friendships. Once someone starts living it up - fancy cars, vacations, bling, big homes - it makes their friends feel uncomfortable and the friendships end. The rich people end up making friends with other rich people, and then they find out those other rich people aren't really their friends, they just hang out together and talk about money things. A real friend is someone you can give your house key to just in case of an emergency, or call in the middle of the night, or ask to help you move. Rich people don't do those things.
6. I hope I am doing good in supporting local organizations who help the less fortunate and need a hand. Over the years I have seen that the more I donated to others, the more money came to me.
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Default question for rich/wealthy people only

1. There is not much difference to being rich to being poor, simply worry about different things.
2. Hard work, luck and making lots of mistakes.
3. Pro you don't have to worry about bills - cons (Tax, leeches)
4. Its in trust funds (when you get money you have to keep it, that requires storing it safely.)
5. No change my friends when i was 20 are the same friends i keep today.
6. No i don't do any "good deeds" with my money. Good deeds are done differently like not evicting ex military or pregnant women over rents for a while longer than a normal landlord would give them, helping homeless charities find homes by offering cheaper rentals than normal to them for their clients etc.

Seriously if i put $1 in the poor box at a store, is that a good deed? when i might have spent $20 on lunch?

I guess part of your answer is also we see money differently, we see an angle in most things and work out the $'s and cents in our minds before we even consider opening a thought about it let alone mention it.
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