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Default submit my idea/ invention for shoes

I have an idea that could be put into stores all around the country how can i get my idea started such as who would help me make the product with little or no money, i went to invent help and they said it would cost me 200 bucks to do w patent search, should i trust them??? Can i give my idea to someone else that wouldn't require money to start my product?

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Default submit my idea/ invention for shoes

Never disclose your idea/invention to others unless they are (a) your attorney, (b) a business partner or (c) under some other fiduciary obligation of confidentiality.

You would need to convert your idea into an actual description of an invention, discuss it with a patent attorney, and file the $65 provisional application to reserve your rights for up to a year. During that year, you would seek out investors who would be willing to fund further R&D, not to mention the $10,000 it will cost to get a patent.

There is no legal requirement to do any searching before you file, but you'd be foolish not to have at least SOME idea what else has already been patented (or disclosed) by others, so you can determine whether your improvement justifies any time or money in its protection.
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Default submit my idea/ invention for shoes


Sadly... you are asking the wrong forum. While I have the EXACT answer for you but there are folks who read my answers that tell you EXACTLY how to do what you want and delete them. Mostly lawyers and the like who do not want you to save money by doing things yourself.

So go to the USPTO website and see if you can figure it out without any assistance like everyone else tells you to do. I PROMISE you the US Government can NOT make anything easy. Not even the 1040-EZ tax forms. You need help and you can find it on YouTube by searching for Provisional Patent Video and see what you find. Or, search the term "Provisional Patent Video" and see what you find.

Sorry for not putting links but when I do my answer will get deleted.

Sadly too is the interns who REVIEW deleted answers are numb to the point where they do not even read what the question was and the answer. As such YOU LOSE because you do not benefit from reading answers and making that decision yourself.

My answers tell you how to take advantage of the Provisional Application for Patent, PPA, and I also have a link to a free NDA that you can use and modify.

I have a Provisional Patent Video Course that you can review and some folks use the link to go directly to the USPTO's website and file on their own.

The USPTO charges you $65 to file a PPA that gives you "Patent Pending"

Is that cool or what! The answer to your dreams! So google "Provisional Patent Video Course" and you will find the answer!

PM me and I will give you EXACT details so you may benefit and decide for yourself..
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