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Default i need advice regarding a legal question

We had hired a lawyer who has been over seeing my moms estate for just over a year now, this past week, we found out quite by accident, that this lawyer was just disbarred for unprofessional conduct, we had this confirmed by the legal society where we live. His office is locked up and the voice message at the office says all files have been sealed and relocated. So what do we do now? Do we hire another lawyer who will track them down and complete what needs to be done.. apparently it was all 98% completed, do we have to start all over now? Do we have to pay the disbarred lawyer his fee's, pay another lawyer fee's? How do we know this lawyer didn't run off with my mom's estate? We don't have any idea what are next steps should be..we are very frustrated can anyone with some legal knowledge give us some direction? It would be greatly appreciated...this is all the information we have at this time, we are feeling overwhelmed and a little directionless at this time!

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