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Default is the children's trust a philanthropic organization

if not can you help me find a Philanthropic organization for a project

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Default is the children's trust a philanthropic organization

Around the world, there are hundreds of amazing charitable organizations that do amazing things internationally and locally. There are thousands if not millions of small organizations that strive day in and day out to improve the lives of those they touch. These companies do everything they can to exemplify the most amazing characteristics of the human spirit and charitable giving.

The characteristics of these companies have some similarities. In addition to being organizations who operate not for profit or personal fame, but to improve the quality of life in communities all around the world, they share responsible practices. These practices range from money management to understand the impact of proposed and current programs. How those programs effect the communities where applicable as well as the individual.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is an amazing example of philanthropic achievement. The founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, began the foundation and has worked to improved the lives of people around the world in the fields of education, agriculture and healthcare. The foundation also provides financial services for the poor around the world, making safe affordable loans for people in impoverished areas to grow their economies. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation works to reduce urban poverty, improve libraries, and enhance emergency response to people all over the world.

Unicef is another incredible organization who works to provide children with health care, clean water, nutrition, education, protection, emergency relief and more. Unicef supports its efforts through fundraising, advocacy, and education all around the world. Their mission is simply stated, do whatever it takes to make the number of children who need children who die daily from preventable causes zero. Although this goal is lofty, Unicef feels it is entirely possible with the help of the public.

As AIDS in third-world countries has continued over the years various charities have been erected in order to meet the crisis. The International AIDS Vaccine Initiative or IAVI has met the challenge head on. One of the many thing they have been able to do is keep administrative costs low, only around 11%. They have served as an excellent example to the world of what is possible with great administrative care, directing funds responsibly.
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