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Default ebay & paypal: sent my item then get the money

I'm new to eBay and paypal and I just sold a trumpet on eBay for $300. Now on my PayPal, it says, "Funds not yet available". I was reading it said, for the funds to be available, I must send my trumpet off and the buyer has to review the trumpet are whatever then I get my money. Should I send It off first or should I get the money first?

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Default ebay & paypal: sent my item then get the money

You MUST send it first, within 7 days of getting paid.
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Default ebay & paypal: sent my item then get the money

The buyer has paid but PayPal won't release the money to you until they have proof of shipping. So you must now send it to the buyer, by recorded mail ie tracked shipping, and enter the tracking number into eBay. Once the seller has received the trumpet and left feedback or 21 days have gone past, PayPal will release the money to you. This is the rule for new sellers. Once you have sold lots of things, PayPal will trust you and give you the money straightaway. But not when you're new.
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