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Default i need help with a career decision.

I have my a bachelors degree in Elementary Education. I'm working part time at a Tutoring Center that I believe in what they do. The Owner has mentioned to me a couple of times that she's looking to hire and assistant manager. I would love to do that job, but when I was talking to the owner, asking how the business was doing, she said that the business is loosing money, and if things don't pick up within a year, she will most likely close it down. My question is, if I apply, and get hired as an assistant manager, and the tutoring center ends up closing in a year - would that have been a good career move? Would being an assistant manager for a year give me job training to be assistant manager elsewhere?

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Default i need help with a career decision.

i would start looking for a new job ASAP!!! Often when an "owner" of a small business is doing poorly they will "downplay" it to their employees as to a. save face, its a big hit to their pride to admit they failed, even though it may be no fault of their own and b. to not lose employees they currently retain while they do have revenue them , as small as it may be ,because ultimately they are hoping beyond hope, something, anything will turn it around and put their company in a profitable place again. If she had said "I will be bankrupt within 3 months" would you even CONSIDER a position in that company???Because i can almost guarantee she knows she will have to close down very,very soon. To say in a" year" doesn't make sense. If she is doing poorly RIGHT NOW how can she support the company for a year? does she have a big fat trust fund she plans on investing in a failing business? i doubt it... that's just my advice Ive had a business go bankrupt due to the housing collapse of 08 and I knew in February we were in the red, by May we were done.
Just wondering.. why don't you teach in a public school? Great benefits, retirement and summers, holidays off?
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