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Default apartment application making money from family business. but self employed photographer..

Hello, I'm moving out of my current home and moving with my girlfriend into an apartment. I'm a self-employed photographer & my family are business owners. I get a check monthly from the families businesses (in a trust fund) but I'm not *employed* by the business. I have proof of income (3-4k a month) through my tax papers & bank statements, My girlfriend is also self-employed (independent contractor) and works as a Tattoo artist; she gets paid in cash a lot and can only show making $8k on her 2011 taxes and $1200 a month from her bank statements.

Question #1 What should I put under my "Current employment" on the application? Should I verbally mention I get paid from my families business or put it on the application?

Question #2 What are the chances of me getting an apartment?
(I have good credit, I pay all my bills on-time including my credit card and car payment, I have good rental history and have always payed my rent on time, Never been evicted.. Never been arrested.)

Between the two of us they want to make sure we make 3x the amount of the cost of rent ($1005 a month)

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for your time.
The majority of my income is coming from the family business, not the photography. but is income earned, income earned in the eyes of a apartment complex?
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Default apartment application making money from family business. but self employed photographer..

The apartment complex will be happy to rent to you if you can prove the 3-4k will come in regularly. They don't particularly care where the money comes from (so long as its legal). Your gf may have a bit more trouble since its hard for her to prove her income but your income alone should be fine. Just explain it all to them and ask them how they'd advise you fill the application out (probably photographer as your employment and the 3-4k from the trust as "additional income" or something).
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