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Create an Urban Decay Naked Palette?: Hello~ :) So.. I don't have the funds to purchase a naked palette as of right now, but I'm trying to make up my own through smaller (and less...
06-19-2013 07:05 PM
by gtgz00299 Go to last post
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How does the whole college, Minors, Major, Master, and everything work.?: I am an 14 year old boy. I was trying to figure all of this out so I can start a fund and estimate the value I should basic get for the correct...
06-17-2013 07:05 AM
by Dexterfoxy Go to last post
2 149 Funded
Am I a sosipath or something?: I have a lack of empathy. When my grandparents died "which I was really fund of" I did not get emotionally inflicted. I jsut went on, this was not a...
06-14-2013 07:05 PM
by antantags Go to last post
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Why are YTD mutual fund returns not more current? They are currently as of 28-Feb-13.?: Why not at least quarter end for Q1? Would like to see it on Yahoo finance.
06-12-2013 10:06 PM
by Alixdissa Go to last post
1 160 Mutual Funds
n investment is made in a trust fund at an annuual interest rate of 2.8%. How long will it take for the invest?: n investment is made in a trust fund at an annuual interest rate of 2.8%. How long will it take for the investment to double if...interest is...
06-06-2013 04:05 AM
by gtgz00299 Go to last post
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would i be able to get a mortgage on this?: i only get around $800 bucks a month but want to get a mortgage on a place that costs around 15,000. now it says my monthly payment would be around...
06-04-2013 01:05 AM
by goodevry6 Go to last post
2 79 Funding Sources
19 year old looking to invest $9000?: Hi I've been working for minimum wage wage at $8.25 since June of last year. My plan was to save, save, and save when I got the job. I've always been...
06-01-2013 04:05 PM
by Rostikspin Go to last post
7 171 Mutual Funds
When is the deadline to fill out FAFSA?: For fall 2013. I live in SC if that makes a difference
05-25-2013 07:05 AM
by gallagher276 Go to last post
1 110 Funded
Are conservatives beginning to understand the consequences of global warming?: The GOP is calling one of their own a troll. Bob Inglis R-SC is so angry at the deniers he is burning bridges and going to out Heartland and all the... (Multi-page thread 1 2)
05-22-2013 10:05 PM
by St john Go to last post
11 284 Funded
Which angel, loan or capital investment provide capital for startup businesses?: I want to start a restaurant business however the bank want 50% of the startup cost upfront which I don't have enough.
05-20-2013 10:05 PM
by gtgz00180 Go to last post
2 114 Investments
Does Congress have the power to do ANYTHING they claim provides for the common defense and general welfare?: I don't think so. In the first clause of Article I Section 8, it says Congress has the power to TAX to "provide for the common defense and general...
05-18-2013 07:05 AM
by jaytee777 Go to last post
3 82 Funded
Do you think intelligent design should be taught in schools?: 1st of all every single argument proponents of creation teach can be refuted easily and overwhelmingly. 2nd what happens if or when Christianity...
05-16-2013 01:05 AM
by igorisbar Go to last post
4 111 Funded
Lombard Direct PPI Help?: After months of telling them to claim, I've finally convinced my inlaws to allow me to claim for their missold PPI with Lombard Direct (I understand...
05-15-2013 10:08 AM
by liuliul85 Go to last post
2 272 Fund Management
05-14-2013 07:06 PM
by Blerrenda Go to last post
1 537 Funds
Investing in a high market?: Any advantages into investing in stock mutual funds with the stock market so high? I can see dollar cost averaging over time in already existing...
05-12-2013 10:05 PM
by gtgz00299 Go to last post
3 68 Investments
How long are internships in investment banking?: Is it true that an intern whether paid/unpaid works 10-15 hours a day, an INTERN?? Is that true? I'm talking about investment banks likes Credit...
05-08-2013 07:05 AM
by NushDiesque Go to last post
1 111 Investments
Is there any information missing? How can I get Co? Thank you?: Use the following characteristics of an economy to answer questions 1 & 2 below. (All Aggregate Expenditures in Billions of dollars.) Marginal...
05-06-2013 04:05 AM
by gtgz00299 Go to last post
0 68 Investments
Wouldn't the legalisation of taking weed alleviate the misuse of drugs and drug abuse in London?: I am doing an essay on this because it is something close to me. I have to do an assignment to find out ways to combat drug abuse in London. I think...
05-03-2013 01:05 PM
by penny auctions Go to last post
4 87 Funded
why did they stop making Pandora Hearts episodes?: I know they are continuing the manga and im reading it but why did they stop the anime not even in the middle of the manga?
05-01-2013 07:05 AM
by nishanimaduri Go to last post
1 85 Funded
Legal Environment of Business Help?: Ray Moon is a CPA, certified public accountant and is properly licensed in Ohio. For the past 15 years he has been self-employed as a tax preparer...
04-27-2013 10:08 PM
by gtgz00299 Go to last post
1 151 Fund Management
budget loan how long does it take?: i applied for a budget loan i rang up yesterday then confirmed it was awarded wednesday how long does the slip take to get to me through post and...
04-27-2013 10:05 PM
by gtgz00299 Go to last post
0 74 Funding Sources
i need help on 2 calculus questions :)?: 1)Al invests $2000 a year in a mutual fund for 9 years. If the market value of the fund increases 10% per year, what will be the value of the fund...
02-10-2013 04:04 AM
by gtgz00299 Go to last post
0 153 Funded
Why do people invest their lifesavings?: Why do people do that? What is the upside to investing? So you can gain interest of it? Why would you put your own money in the hands of other...
02-08-2013 03:05 AM
by Cisksolivowzeea Go to last post
6 157 Mutual Funds
Does anyone work in an Investment Firm?: I am a 15 yr old student in London. I have always been really interested in Investing, the stock market and the economy. This year I am doing my work...
02-04-2013 07:04 AM
by gtgz00299 Go to last post
0 90 Investments
Adjusting Journal Entries in Accounting?: My friend and I are in an accounting class and both have different answers for the adjusting entries listed below: (for the fiscal year ended on...
02-02-2013 04:04 AM
by gtgz00299 Go to last post
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