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Default medicaid income limits


I am a physically disabled 23 year old woman who receives Medicaid and SSI benefits in Virginia. I currently live with my parents, because I am confined to a wheelchair and unable to walk without the assistance of others. My parents have been struggling financially over the past year, and I want to get a job to help them out, but I am afraid of losing my Medicaid benefits. Does anyone know about how much a disabled adult can make and continue to receive Medicaid benefits in Virginia? I understand that the income limits vary greatly depending on the person's situation and condition, but I would just like to know what the estimated income range is. Any information that you could give would be greatly appreciated.

23 year old female
Physically disabled adult
No children living in the household
Receive $721 in SSI benefits

Thank you.
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Default medicaid income limits

There is a program called "ticket to work". A link is below. It does not effect your check at all for a certain amount of time. Call and ask for details.
Good Luck. You can do it.
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Default medicaid income limits

Does Medicaid know you live with your parents and have your reported your parents incomes? If not, you have committed fraud. And it will catch up with you.

If you are permanently disabled you should be applying for Social Security Disabiity, not SSI which is welfare. If you get on SSDI you can work.

Something is not right here. You get the max benefit but you live with your parents, who probably have incomes of some kind. If you are getting SSI because you cant work, how can you now say that you are able to work?
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Default medicaid income limits

Medicaid is run on a state by state basis. SSDI is federal. If you've been receiving disability payments, and you get just about ANY job, it's proof that you're not as disabled as you said you were - you'll likely flat out lose your SSDI, which would automatically also kick you out of Medicaid. You got Medicaid in VA, BECAUSE you were on SSDI - not necessarily because your household was poor enough.

So ANY income is going to get you booted out of both welfare programs.
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