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Default New lyrics for God Bless America, what do you think?

If I had to pay everything to the offshore bankers...
I thank my lucky stars that they bring in the illegal aliens today!
And the president's a globalist...
Because we wrap tyranny in the flag!
I'm proud to be an American where the TSA sticks their hands down my pants!
And I won't forget the men who died so the bankers can steal their pension funds!
And I'll gladly stand up next to you and destroy the Bill of Rights today, 'cause there ain't no doubt I love the Bilderberg Group!
God Bless the tyranny of the Federal Reserve!
We put fluoride in your water.
We're coming after your guns.
America's getting turned into a third world country by design. Yeah!
And it's fun because we killed Bin Laden, so everything's okay!
'Cause there ain't no doubt I love this land... God bless the North American Union! But I'm not supposed to admit that, I'm supposed to wrap it in the flag, and then worship tyranny! Oh American Eagle, ohhh!

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Default New lyrics for God Bless America, what do you think?

Blah blah blah put it in the politics section.
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Default New lyrics for God Bless America, what do you think?

This is exactly what is happening to this country. First the Patriot Act with unwarranted arrests and seizures simply on the basis of "possible" terrorist threats. Then we have people saying "Oh no, there are terrorists. We better let them steal the rest of out liberties so we are safe." This is all a farce of course. Real terrorist's win when we allow them to doctor and alter our rights for safety that is impossible to provide. All it does in essence, is provide illusion and the raping and pillaging of our freedoms that millions of Americans bled and died for. If one person shoots someone with a gun that does not mean my rights to own a gun should be taken away. One person's mistake doesn't merit the assumption everyone will do the same thing. Rather we should adopt the concept that people are responsible for themselves and need to own up for things they have done. Personally I rather die in a "terrorist" bombing knowing I'm free than live the rest of my life like a slave in fear. THAT is real terrorism.
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