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Default to learn about investing

I recently started working a new job and am able to save up some money. I am serious about wanting to learn how to invest some money. In stocks or basically whatever. I have 0 knowledge about investing.

Could you guys and gals tell me where is a good place to look to start learning about this stuff. I know there are books out there but it seems like most of them build on knowledge i would already have. The only problem I have is that I have none on the topic.

So I am looking for books to read for beginners that would give me a good idea where to start and all, or websites, etc...

Thanks in advance for the answers.

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Default to learn about investing

Investing for Dummies is one good book on the subject.

When the stock market goes thru a "correction" of 5% - 10% -15%, you can start safely by investing in no-load mutual funds that invest in low risk large cap blue chip stocks. You can call Vanguard and/or T Rowe price to learn about these funds.

If I were you I'd invest "so-much" each month, until retirement and beyond.

If your employer has a 401(K) plan and matches your investment, put the money in there every month. You can also start an IRA. But I'd stick with stocks, rather than bonds.
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Default to learn about investing

Asking an investor or a finance advisor will help you learn more about the investment world and different investment methods. Before you leap into the world of investing, find out more about all the opportunities and assorted investment techniques that are available to you.
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Default to learn about investing

Start with mutual funds or ETFs from either Fidelity or Vanguard (low cost) and build on that.
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Default to learn about investing

Investopedia is a free place to learn.

Most important concepts to learn - random walk theory and EMH (efficient market hypothesis). They tend to explain why spending huge amounts of time trying to invest in order to "beat the market" is largely a waste of time.

From there, focus your learning on things that actually give you an edge over just throwing your money into random things. Learn about 1) diversification, 2) allocation per your goals and risk-aversion, 3) tax-advantaged accounts and estate/tax planning.
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