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Default is it easy to get a job at mcdonalds

I've sent in an application to McDonalds, and I was just wondering how easy it is for you to be accepted and invited in for an interview. Is there anything in particular that they look for?

About Me:
Age: 16
Grade: 10
Health Problems: None
Right to Work Evidence: Australian Birth Certificate

I'm kinda worrying because I really need to get a job (and to keep it) to raise money for my education. My parents are broke, you see. I don't want to burden them totally with my school funds.

I asked they kept telling me to go apply through their damn website.
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Default is it easy to get a job at mcdonalds

You can not send in an application for McDonald's through their website. You will never get the job like that. Go down there, ask to speak to the manager and ask for a job.
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