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Default shares and inheritance help

A man sells Unit Trust Holdings as follows:

1223 JPMF Japan Fund Acc shares purchases 6 Aug 2001 for £2440 and sold on 7 Apr 2014 for £2724.

7389 Framlington American Growth Inc shares purchased 14 sept 2000 (not officially listed on LSE and non certified) for £23940. Sold for £23570 on 1 May 2014.

23544 Newton Mellon Higher Income Fund (GBP) purchased as Newton Higher Income Fund on 29 Sep 1999 for £11834 (not officially listed on the LSE). On Nov 5 2004 transferred to Newton Mellon Higher Income as 27002 certified holding as ICVC (previously OIEC). Subsequent distributions up to 31 Dec 2012 were non certified and thereafter distributions styled Group 2 units.
Part sold on 1 Jun 2014. Total holding 45649 @ 62p. Portion sold 31500 units for £19530.

What is the CGT gain/loss for each sale before deduction of expenses and CGT liability?


A man and his wife are both retired and have no debts or disabilities. Their combined income is £42000. Pensions (including SRP)= £36000 (husb 32000, wife 4000). Investment income (excluding ISA and NS Certs)=£6000 (husb 4000, wife 2000). Each wishes to make gifts to their daughter out of income over and above the £3000 current annual allowance. What is a reasonable figure than constitutes the maximum annual gift assuming the couple estimate living expenses at £18000 pa?

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Default shares and inheritance help

no way
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