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Default Advice on an MLM company?

I run an MLM company but we don't charge people to join to stick away from the pyramid scheme image that most MLM's seem to identify with. Because of this we focus more on the product than the recruitment side of things.

Do you think it's a good model not to charge people to join? Or should there be a small fee to start? I ask this because I need staff whom are dedicated to work and placing the money down almost ensures they'll at least try. What I don't want is like most MLM companies to have people hiring people who can't sell and lose money because of their investment giving the company a bad name. At the same time I don't want joining free to give people the idea that "Meh, i'll give it a shot for a day".

What are your opinions?
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Default Advice on an MLM company?

Middle ground maybe? Ask for a buy-in but offer a gradual cash-back as the effort pays off and the commitment shows? Many ways of doing it, plenty of flexibility, must be performance related given your criteria / business model obviously. Might not have to be part of the main contract. Could be a seaparate contract effectively a private loan even, re-couped as a % of sales but with assurances. An option for those who swell in ability and enthusiasm, but lack funds.

Lots of possibilities.

I like your question. I ran my own business' for 17 and 23 years just the usual retail, premises, employed people, convbentional.

After I stopped I did 8 months of Phoenix Trading, never again!!! That MLM nearly drove me mad within 3 days of signing up. I thought my business experience would be an advantage, it was a disadvantage, which says it all really, ouch!

I invested quite a lot vewry quickly (as I had the capital) only to find out the company applied handcuffs, leg-irons etc. and I couldnt market the product. Impossible!!! I ditched it and took a hit. I can see that you dont want that for your company. I hope you find a constructive way around it. Franchising might be another thing to look at as opposed to MLM. Which because of its roots in PS does have an image problem and limitations that not all people can work with, including some owners of some companies (like Phoenix) IMHO.

Good luck! There has to be a solution. That you even posed the question makes me excited that you will discover that solution.

Samantha, East Yorkshire.
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