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Default i started a sharebuilders account?

so i just opened an account now i need help understanding

if i fund my account using my checking account witch has 700 dollars in it
and i add 100 to my builders account

and say i invest in a stock that runs about 11. per share and buy say 4

and it starts going down from 11 per share to 9 per and lower to about 2 per share
what would happen

would i lose money that it would eat off my checking account? and if thats true tell me how so
or would i lose the sharebuilders account money ? and if i go broke from it
and over under would i have to pay back anything ?

what do ppl mean when they say you have to keep funding your account every month
does this mean i have to add another 100 dollars to my account the month after?

sorry to be so investor dummy but i just want to build something out of 15 cents and would like to know my risks involving money

investment risks i some what have a broad prospective

i would like to have a long detailed answer please to determine the best pick for the full points
something for it to leave a mark for future think really small investors

small answers will receive a thumbs down on the spot

ok please explain how i would lose or make my money
i do wanna to start investing buying 2 shares of two socks using 100 to start with
and another 100 dollars later on in the coming weeks so explain to me how this works in detail plz and thank you all for viewing my question
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