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Default A couple of personal/business finance questions that I need help with?

I have a couple of questions. I'll likely see an advisor in sometime soon, but I read a lot of good feedback on these boards so I figured why not ask here? Any thoughts or recommendations are welcome.

first, my wife is a self employed bookkeeper with 15 small business clients. Our kids are going to college in the next couple of years and she is adamant about building her bookkeeping business. I told her she's likely going to need to setup employee benefits (she will hire two part time employees initially and then increase the clients to around 25). We want some retirement benefit for the employees, but since her business will be new, most of the contributions should go towards her retirement and the benefits for the employees will increase the longer they stick around (initially she will hired 2 part time employees - but as the business grows this should increase). We also need to keep the administrative costs down and the contributions need to have some flexibility.

Any recommendations on a qualified plan that we could offer considering my wife's concerns and our situation?

2nd question: My wife's was married but her husband died 7 years ago. We have a survivor benefit of $12,000 that we want to use to fund for her two children's education They will both be in college in three years. Any suggestions on making this money grow in the meantime (i.e., invest it our joint investment porfolio - valued at 16K)?

Thanks for any of your thoughts/recommendations

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