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Default need to start investing

I want to start investing but what are the requirements to create an account?

I don't even have my own credit card yet... I just graduated uni and am working in an intern so I got some money to invest. I want to invest now as I see potential. I am not urged to invest but I at least want to have an account so that I can invest, when I am ready.

I am planning to use quest trade as I was recommended this to be a good broker... but I am also planning to talk to my bank.

What should I look for in brokers.

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Default need to start investing

it's good to work for an employer that has a retirement plan for you and contributes to your account. Then you also contribute and you'll be ahead of the game later on in life.

Otherwise go to the bank and tell them you want to open a retirement account, then ask for the paperwork and read the small print on it.

Oh, you're thinking of gambling by investing in stock, that's something totally different....then you need to learn about stocks. There are commissions that need to be paid and also when you sell or buy you have to pay, and I'd say unless you're a lot older and have money to lose then not to invest in stocks. You'd invest in good stocks and keep them forever, so you need to read up on them, follow them fore a while before you invest.
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Default need to start investing

To buy stock is to own a piece of a company. To own a bond is to loan money to a company, and you hold the IOU. Everyone with stock wants the value to go up -- so you buy at a low price, and sell it later at a higher price to make money.
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Default need to start investing

depends on what you want to do . do you want to play the stocks everyday ? or do you want long term investments ? a 401 K ? a keogh ? a mutual fund ? munis ? tax free ?

i recommend Vanguard , or Fidelity .
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