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Default learn to excel for use in the stock market

Basically, i don't have much knowledge about excel i know the very very basics but not more. I would like to know more for use in trading the market and for my finance future profesion. I just have a question what i will use it for as trader ? Is it essential ?

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Default learn to excel for use in the stock market

I use three spreadsheets to keep track of my share portfolio. Stock report has the following headings:
Corp, Quantily, Price paid, Net Cost, Last sale, Profit, Present Value, Original Cost, Chq Amount, Cap Gain, Brokerage.
Underneath the Shares data, I have totals and some percentages, Gross profit, net profit.
Over time you buy and sell. Some data becomes formula, like quantity =100+250-100, indicating a second purchase and then a partial sale of that stock. Price paid might be 2.30/1.50 indicating I purchased the second group at a cheaper price; or you might want an average price. Net Cost allows for a record of dividend payments as well as other purchases or sales. Last sale can be filled in every day to show the current value of each stock. Profit is E*B-D, Quantity*Last Sale-Net Cost. Cost is the gross cost, needed for Capital Gain calculation. The last three calculate the dealing with your stockbroker.
The second spreadsheet is part of my tax workbook; it records Dividend payments including Imputation credits and words out Capital Gains. The totals are feed into a tax summary worksheet.
The third is your share bank account. It is the best way to gauge money invested, dividend payment and gross profits.

You also need a Word document for the history of your transactions, a journal account of every thing that happens headed by each company.

You really do want to keep good records; you have tax obligations and you want to know how well your investments are going.
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Default learn to excel for use in the stock market

Excel Stock Market Chart Tutorial
Note: What many of us call a graph is referred to in Excel as a chart.
A High-Low-Close chart shows the daily high, low, and closing prices for a stock over a given period of time.
Completing the steps in the topics below will produce a stock market chart similar to the image above.
The initial steps create a basic chart and the final three apply a number of formatting features available under the Design, Layout, and Format tabs of the ribbon
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Default learn to excel for use in the stock market

First, I suggest you learn how to write a sentence, and how to spell English words.
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