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Default which is better historically ftse dow s&p500 nasdaq

Which index gives the best returns over say the last 20 years ?

And where can I find that data ?
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Default which is better historically ftse dow s&p500 nasdaq

Well the Nasdaq is still well below its highs from the tech crash in 2000.
It's a fund that only targets one sector, so it isn't quite as reliable as some of those broad funds.
The tech industry had its glory days in the 90's but those times are gone, I could see the next booming industry to be in health care or perhaps the financial sector.

In my opinion the S & P 500 is a better overall choice than the DOW because it has faster growing companies that may not have peaked the s & p 500 is far more diversified with 500 holdings versus the Dow's 30 holdings.

But quite honestly, the s & p 500 and the Dow really come close to mimicking each other that there shouldn't be that big of a difference. In the long haul they will likely follow the same pattern with very minor differences.

The FTSE is based in the u.k. and Ireland.....being from the u.s. and seeing how Europe has been in crisis for some time, I just feel that the u.s. Economy is a more well-rounded and reliable place to invest in. historically the FTSE has not performed quite as well as the S & P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Historically it's midcap index funds that perform the best. Like the S & P 400.

Where can you find this data?: just compare the charts on google finance or yahoo finance.
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