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Default investing strategy etrade

So I have $500 to invest in Etrade. My plan was to just track the market and put it all in the s and p 500 index. Is this a horrible strategy?

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Default investing strategy etrade

If your looking to make a small fortune then invest a large one.
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Default investing strategy etrade

that is a very good way to start. Once you have more than a few thousand, you can start thinking about branching out to other index fund (small/med cap or perhaps intl)
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Default investing strategy etrade

it will be a good way to start the investment.
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Default investing strategy etrade

It's not a horrible strategy - it's a great strategy! Find a nice low cost fund or ETF and add to this when you can.
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Default investing strategy etrade

You will pay 2% or more in commission to make a single trade with $500.

If you want an S&P tracker on E*Trade, I will suggest the Wisdomtree 500 ETF (EPS). It is a commission free ETF when purchased on E*Trade, and will closely track the S&P. There is a $50 penalty to sell a commission free security/fund within 90 days.
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Default investing strategy etrade

Sure but the S&P 500 is selling for about $1800 right now so I don't know how you plan to buy it? you can't but a third of a share lol. Just put it into a mutual fund or conservative stock. Try buying shares of MA when it splits this month to about $80
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