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Default help me make the best desicion

I am 23 and I recently started working in government with RM2500 monthly salary. There was a friend asking me to join a Multi Level Marketing(MLM) business. The modal I have to pay is RM33000. This business is pretty stable and exist around 12 years in my country(malaysia). My friend already succeeded in this business with RM20000 monthly income. The thing is, I already making bank loan around RM100000 to buy a Toyota Hilux. Besides, I recently start my palm tree plantation which required huge monthly expenses.(5 years before harvesting and making profit). I cannot do 2 business
at the same time. Should I take the change and do MLM business or continue my plan for palm tree plantation?

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Default help me make the best desicion

Thank you for your advice. It cause me migraine to think this over and over again. I already planning to continue my business in palm oil tree plantation. I think, thats the best decision i can make.
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Default help me make the best desicion

i suggest you stick to your plantation business and see how it goes. it is very clear that you are not earning enough money to venture into two businesses and pay your car loan at the same time. wait for the plantation business to prosper before starting a new one. use what you earn from the plantation to fund your new venture if you want.
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