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Default income tax homework help needed filing a 1040

I have to file a 1040 tax return for a homework problem but have no guidance on which forms I will need and how to go about filing it. I will post the information below and if you can tell me which forms I will need that would be great. If you can give me some pointers or assist me on the problem that would be even better! Any hints or tips help but I cannot get started until I know which forms to print as I will have to drive to the library to print everything.

Andy and Marcia Tufts, both age 35, are married with two dependent children and file a joint return. From the following information compute their taxable income for 2013.

Andy's salary 50,000
Marcia's salary 42,000
Andy's contribution to IRA( Assume IRA is deductible for AGI) 2,000
Dividends received from domestic corp(Assume qualified) 950
Medical expenses for doctors and hospitals 8,200
Premiums for health insurance 2,600
Prescription drugs and medicines 800
Eyeglasses for one of the children 175
Interest on home mortgage 7,800
Interest on credit cards(It isn't deductible. Is it included anywhere?) 300
Real Property taxes on residence 2,300
State income taxes 2,800
Fee for preparation of tax returns 125
Union Dues and subscription 480

Like I said any hints or tips will help. Even telling me things like credit card interest isn't deductible will be helpful, I just don't know if I still have to put on return anywhere.
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