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Default my ex-exmployer is trying to give me a 1099 for more than half of my wages long paragraph sorry

I worked at a cell phone repair shop as an employee for about 8 months. I had a set schedule set by my boss, had a manager who supervised my work, and had never had any real training before I started working at the cell phone repair shop. I worked there for wages ( the 2 months prior their was training but no wages but that's a whole other story and complaint) from January 2013-June 2013. When i got hired i signed an I-9 and a W-4, and from my understanding my w-4 is the document that allows my employers to withhold my taxes. and they did. every paycheck received a pay stub with the amount of money that was withheld from my paychecks with the federal income tax withheld, along with the SS tax and Medicare tax. Around April, they decided they were going have a company do our payroll and our taxes so they pay stubs looked different and the total amount of money withheld up until that time was of about $700. Between the time of April and beginning of June, the payroll company withheld another $200 in taxes. A couple of months later, now in January 2014, with a new job and having already received a w-2 from my new employer, i called my ex employer to know when they could mail me my w-2. they replied that i had to give them some time and i waited about 2 weeks before receiving it. @ weeks later it came in and as happy as can be I sat down on my computer ready to file my taxes and receive my refund as soon as possible. But when i took a look at the wages stated, it matched the amount of money the payroll company had withheld, but no the entire amount of wages withheld. the amount missing was the amount my boss had withheld when they had taken care of the payroll themselves. Thinking it was a mistake, i called my ex-employer to let them know that i thought i had received an error in my w-2. My boss's wife, who is technically the other owner let me know that her husband was in charge of handling the payroll and was on a trip but when he came back shed let him know. Days later he contacted me and let me know he was going to work on getting everything cleared out. that was about a week ago, and i thought id call him today to let him know i was still waiting for my new w-2 form. When he answered he told me was on his way out of the country and that he wasn't going to give me a W-2, but a 1099 and refund whatever wasn't on my w-2 . When i told him i didn't want a 1099 because we had agreed he would give me a w-2, he said couldn't give me a W-2 and the only option was that i accept the 1099 and the refunded money or i could forget about filing my taxes. I'm worried that what hes telling me to do isn't legal and i want no part in it. I want to know what my options are here and how i can make sure whatever i do is safe. I'm a fulll time college student working full time to pay alot of bills. so i dont have money to pay for a financial adviser. Hopefully it doesnt get to that. I appreciate all answers since i dont know much about this stuff. Thanks
I'm ok with adding details if someone needs more information.

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