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New to 401k Investing
Hello everyone, I’m new to investments and this site. I was hoping someone might have some advice for me on what to select for my 401k investments. I've been researching quite a bit but am still lost on what I should do. I'm 24 and starting my 401k for the first time. My goal is to invest long-term and very aggressively to begin with then switch over to a more conservative investing when I’m closer to retirement.
I was just planning on putting 50% into Columbia Small Cap Value I A, and 50% into Oppenheimer International Growth Fund because they have the highest expense ratio? But I’m not sure what I’m doing. The company I work for will also match what I put in up to 4%, I make about 52K annually and live in Michigan.

I can invest any percentage into any of them. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time!

The companies I can select from are as follows (Net Expense Ratio %):
Stable Value
Guaranteed Income Fund (.25)
Fixed Income
MFS Research Bond A (.81)
Dreyfus Bond Market Index Fund (.40)
Oppenheimer International Bond Fund (.98)
Oakmark Equity & Income Fund (.77)
Large Cap Stock
BlackRock S&P 500 Stock Fd (.18)
MFS Value Fund (.94)
American Funds Fundamental Invs R3 (.96)
Large Cap Growth / American Century (.87)
Mid Cap Stock
T. Rowe Price Mid Cap Growth Fund (1.05)
Janus Perkins Mid Cap Value Fund Class T (1.00)
Small Cap Stock
Prudential Jennison Small Company Fund Class A (1.16)
Columbia Small Cap Value I A (1.33)
Aggressive Growth
Dreyfus International Stock Index Fund (.60)
Oppenheimer International Growth Fund (1.27)
Templeton Foreign Fund (1.17)
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