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Default use paypal if i dont have a us bank acount and so international about it

I am really pissed off at paypal, though it claims to be international, without a US bank account it is pretty much useless. Then why do they say it is international? I dont live in the US and the option it gives me is to either have a credit card like american express, visa or master card or to provide my bank account.

The problem is I dont have both and even if i did, the account I will be giving wont be a US account and even if i had a credit card it will just be my local credit card and not the ones I mentioned above. So how do i recieve money from paypal when I dont have both.After these arabs created this 9/11 incident, they pretty much closed any opportunity for innocent citizens out here. The whole Patriotic Act law was enforced so it is impossible for me to open a US bank account online!

I really need a paypal account for the tution fundraising i have online so please help me.

Some of the options i thought of are:

To go to USA physically and open a bank account, though it will be very expensive with the air tickets and everything plus I wont be able to get a visa just to open a bank account. It isnt a convincing reason.

To open a Virtual Bank account but I amscared it is just a scam.

To change my ipadress but that is a criminal act.

To open an Etrade account though i dont know how that will likn me to paypal.

To get a payoneermastercard but I think that is impossible for me since i dont have a bank avvount and a credit card to begin with.

Western Union or money gram though I would really hate to provide my address to total starngers on the net.

If all else fails, I will just forget paypal and provide an a mailing address if people are willing to mail me checks or a western union transfer or get a bank account somwhere other than the us, forget about paypal and get the money through it!

Please help me!
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Default use paypal if i dont have a us bank acount and so international about it

You will not be able to open a bank account in the US because you are not resident there. Just turning up will not entitle you to open an account.

And I have a Paypal account and am not in the US and nor do I have a US bank account.

No one will mail you checks or use Western Union.
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