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Default is marketing unethical/ethical

So, we were suppose to write a paper to our professor on what we think about marketing and what we believe it is. I pretty much argued how marketing is unethical. I talked about how marketing today tries to reach people's desires rather than their needs which is why people go out and buy a new products in the market when they haven't fully consumed the one they just bought a few months ago. (ex. iphones, ipods) Marketers try to create demand for a product that would otherwise not be demanded by the public. In the end of the paper I tried to back up some of the things I said by going over Edward Bernays and how he influence modern marketing.

He wrote as a comment to my paper that marketing is not just advertizing and that he hopes my views will "mature." In other words, my opinion on this paper was immature. How can anyone's individual conclusion be immature when it comes from his own experience and perception? How can marketing not be advertizing when the reason it exists is JUST to try to create more revenue for the company or business?

Advertizing does not just mean commercials on tv, on the radio or newspapers. It can also be the way a store is organize. For example, clothing stores usually put women clothes in the front door so women (who buy more than men) will walk in and spend more money. All marketing strategies are created to increase revenue. So isn't that the definition of advertizing?

What do you guys think? You agree, disagree? What is marketing? Do you think it's ethical or unethical? I'm not arguing that marketing is not needed since every business needs marketing techniques, but I'm just saying that marketing overall is unethical since it mostly claims to be there for the customer when it's actually there to help increase profit.
sorry for the long paper LOL :)

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Default is marketing unethical/ethical

I can't say whether it is ethical or unethical but it is very necessary part for a business as without marketing in today's world nothing can be achieved. So many people are running a business and it is the only source of fulfilling his or her family needs so it is the most important thing or service for him as more the marketing more will be his or her sale which is his main motive. It also helps in spreading awareness among people like medical marketing, safety marketing and many other marketing. So marketing is not only for sale purpose or to make people use their money in wrong way but also to spread awareness. It is upto people if the have the control so no wrong purchases will be done so it is also the fault of people as they can't stop themselves.
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