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Default question of ebay and paypal

I've ordered pants on amazon and they weren't slim like it said and I can't return them. I setup an ebay and paypal account, & was planning on selling it on ebay. It says when I finally sell it I will be charged a fee, can I put the "paying eBay" choice as PayPal too? I don't have any funds or anything in my PayPal account yet, but once the person buys it, I will and can pay ebay from that can't i? I'm just trying to make sure and see how everything works. So I would plan to pay ebay from the funds I've made off of the pants right afterward.

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Default question of ebay and paypal

Amazon has very good customer support. It is unusual to me why it cant be returned.

As far as Ebay and Paypal, the answer to your question is Yes.
The final value fee, and shipping final value fee is charged to your account at the end of the month. Then you have around two weeks to pay for it. Since you are new, there will be a 21 day hold on the funds you received. But if transaction is good, and buyer gives a positive feedback, paypal will release your funds to your account sooner. Then you can use them.

You'll need to use your own money first to pay for shipping first.
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Default question of ebay and paypal

Why can't you return the pants? I would threaten the seller with a negative rating for not allowing me to return the item. There is no final sale on ebay if the business refuses to take back the return then I would give them a negative rating and report it to ebay.
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