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I've been waiting tables for two years. It brings in about $350-400 a week during the bad season (April thru October), upwards of $450 during the good season (November thru March). Unfortunately, it is definitely not my forte as I am not the fastest or the best server, and the hostile, fast pasted, stressful environment really takes its toll. Not to mention it just isn't cutting it - my bills are going up and people are generally tipping less. I'm having to dip into savings in order to make ends meet, and having to drop certain non-necessities such as cable and Hulu+. I cannot leave my current apartment as much as I want to, because I just started a third one-year lease.

I live in Springfield, IL, which is about 220 miles south of Chicago, am 21 years old, and I am almost done with a certificate of achievement in digital multimedia - I'm skilled in video (shooting and editing), have training in design (though it's not really my thing), can draw pretty well, have a decent understanding of computers, and I'm good with people.

Really, I'm just looking for a job where I can have a decent, consistent pay, without having to go find a second job when school's out just to fund my move to Florida next year to continue college. Just ANYTHING that I can do. But I really don't know where to look - I have an up-to-date Snagajob and Monster profile, and I know the job market sucks. What other steps can I take? What else should I do to find a better job?
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