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Default name my candle making business

that is not a business; that is a fund raiser

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Default name my candle making business

My mom and I used to make candles together, and she would sell them at craft shows. After a couple of years, we just stopped doing it. I have decided to start up again, to help fund a trip to Costa Rica next summer with a club from school and maybe a trip to Guatemala with friends of my parents in January. I need a catchy/creative/clever name for it though, and I am drawing a complete blank. I could use some help thinking of names. I might also do cute candle holders out of mason jars (like they have on Pinterest).


My name is Grace
The club is Multi-Cultural Club
I will be going to Costa Rica and possibly Guatemala
I want the name to be something that I can use for other trips also

I thought of a couple;

Grace for Guatemala
Costa Rica Chica

the only problem I have with those names is that they can't be used for fundraising for other country trips (Like I couldn't use Costa Rica Chica for a trip to Tunisia)

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)
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