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Default which is the best way to your contributions to your 401 k plan

Should I invest in more funds or less funds? What I mean is I currently have 20 funds to choose from, which vary from Aggressive Growth, Growth, Income, Growth & Income, Conservative & Lifecycle. The firm which handles these funds is John Hancock NY Pensions. Some of the funds are Blue Chip Growth Fund, Small Cap Index, Mid Cap Index, 500 index fund, etc ...

Currently I have them distributed evenly at 5% each of my weekly contributions. On average I have about 50 shares of each fund, except for the conservative for which I have over 900 because it is worth $1.310 per share. My current rate of return since I started investing in 401k is a little over 13%. My point is, could I make more long term if I focus on less funds so that I can get more shares in those funds or should I keep them distributed evenly among all funds? I really don't know about the stock market so if anyone has any idea of a good fund to invest in, please share. Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it.

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