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Default the sure way to increase credit score

the sure way to increase credit score. the sure way to increase credit score

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Default the sure way to increase credit score

You have many items in collections.
Ask here how to negotiate settlements before they sue you.
They can garnish your wages and go after your assets.
I have seen people settle for 1/2 of what they owe.
Ask for help - ok?

You may get answers to get a secured card.
Be aware that this does nothing for credit for the first year.
You have no savings emergency fund.
People that have no savings tend to do more damage with plastic than good.
Often they carry balances, max out, etc.
Don't touch any form of credit or any loans. Ok?

Having all those collection agencies settled will help you. With time.
Do not fall for scam - credit repair companies.
They prey on the most desperate.
Do not fall for sites on debt negotiation or consolidation.
Only YOU can repair your credit. Only you.
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