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Default living expenses, does this make sense

We live in WA state. It's a nicer area, no trouble or noise. We make around 3,000.00 monthly rent is 1,300.00. We pay electric every two months and it's stayed around 150 . As for monthly W/s/g is never over 80.09, car insurance is 150, cell is 60, cable is 80, and we fill up twice per pay check maybe 3 times for about 80.00. Groceries last for 2-4 weeks the most we spend is 250 the usual is 160.00. Our lease is almost up. We live in a two bedroom and are comfortable. We could definitely find something in a not as nice area for cheaper, but we aren't sure if we are over paying here or if this is normal. In Ohio a 2 bedroom with garage is 700. I'm just looking for opinions maybe some suggestions. This was our first apartment. Our neighbors seem to be retired older people. We are in our 20's but very calm. We have been Paying all of our bills, stocking up on gas and groceries then spending the rest. 8% of our check goes into a retirement fund before taxes etc.

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