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Default what kind of entry salary expect with this resume

Resume highlights
UMASS Amherst: 3.22 / 4.00 GPA
Major: Political Science : 3.08/ 4.00 GPA
Bachelor degree: September 1, 2014
* Recommendation Letter: 2 academic + 1 internship

Work Experience:
************** Worcester, MA
Role: internship, working with Development Associate
Tasks: I assisted in the grant proposal writing process from the non-profit organization in order to assist in the fund-raising budget.
Duration: June-August YR: ****
* Recommendation Letter

Starbucks *********, MA
Role: Barista
Tasks: Assisting in the making of drinks, cashiering, closing. In my part-time stint at starbucks I was willing to be a listener and was helped to learn what was required of me as a barista, and performed successfully.
Duration: Part time June-August YR: *****

*****************, MA
Role: Farm assistant, high school senior project
Tasks: Packaging animal food to be distributed via this small business farm/ distribution enterprise. I learned to understand the power of a small business, and the utilization of online distribution of products.

University Experience:
UMASS Amherst Student government
Role: Off-campus senator
Tasks: Working on a finance committee to decide which RSO student groups on campus received funding from our $30,000 budget. This was a team of 6 individuals listening to presentations from student groups on campus and assessing quality.

UMASS Amherst International Relations Club:
A prestigious Political Science club at U
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Default what kind of entry salary expect with this resume

political science degrees are a dime a dozen - unless you already have hard political contacts who can get you a job or have nepotism working for you then you'll be interning (for free) for a couple of years.
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Default what kind of entry salary expect with this resume

Your marketable skill set seems limited in my opinion. What kind of job are you looking for, anyway? That is a big determinor of what your salary would be.

No way you would get any decent accounting job. Marketing perhaps, or journalism. You have a limited amount of experience in non profits, so maybe get into grant writing? Basically, political science is a worthless degree. Sorry to say that, but as far as a marketable skill goes, its true.

I would recommend going to and use their salary tool. That will provide you with not only salary info, but what job requirements are necessary. Good luck.
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Default what kind of entry salary expect with this resume

That's not a very good resume. Seriously! You should speak with your college advisors and visit your college career placement center. Spending almost 100 words on your rugby experiences is a waste of space and time.

Prospective employers want to know what you can do APPLICABLE TO THE JOB YOU WANT. What is your career objective? The most important part of your resume is missing!

Not being mean, just brutally honest with you. Please get some career advice from your professors or career center.
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Default what kind of entry salary expect with this resume

CONTINUED: >>>>>>>>>>>
UMASS Amherst International Relations Club:
A prestigious Political Science club at UMASS Amherst that participated at PicSim; a political debate event hosted at Princeton, and also hosted its own conference UMASS Mun; an event which invited 400 high school students, and organized the event of a political debate experience.
Role: I was a group member taking the opportunity to moderate debate at UMASS Mun for the high school students along with other group members. At PicSim in Princeton I participated in the debates and the general experience of the conference.

UMASS Amherst Rugby Club: During my sophomore year I was an active participant on the rugby club on the UMASS campus. The team participated in tournaments along the east coast and the scheduled seasonal games included rival Amherst College. It was a unifying experience and helped me stay in great physical shape. I participated in all the regular season and try-out practices; over 16 and 2 hours each for 2 months, and played in one exhibition game against rival Amherst college, but I didn't participate in the tournament games.

UMASS Amherst Daily Collegian
Role: Entry level writer
Tasks: I was exploring the idea of journalism major, and with the help of the senior staff editor wrote 3 columns on Men's Lacrosse and women's college basketball.

Skills: Microsoft Excel (personal accounting), Microsoft Power Point (presentation strategy), Organizational (managing files on PC: USB drives, External HD, and properly organizing and scheduling tasks).
- Completed French college requirement. Spanish high school. Polish 2nd language.
- bartender certification
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