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Default advice on school and life

I've been posting so many questions recently about careers and college majors But I never asked for advice on life, my main problem. I'm a junior mechanical engineer,
Update : I don't need a definite "DO THIS!", just advice on careers and school.
Update 2: Fromafar, you seemed to understand the most. What types of majors can

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Default advice on school and life

Maybe do a masters in biomedical engineering or just apply for jobs when you graduate. Yea that latter seems better. MAybe get your PE.
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Default advice on school and life

let me tell you my story and what i ended up doing. its pretty similar to yours so maybe that'll give you some insight.

i went to college and originally, i had wanted to major in some sort of music performance (piano or drums). i was always really good at math and sciences in high school, though thats not what i was passionate about. i ended up getting my bs in materials engineering. the reason i chose it was purely for the job. sure, some of it was interesting, but at the time, did i want to do it for a living? for the rest of my life? hell no! but i knew it would land me a good job. truth be told, i realized being a musician i would 99% chance end up working as a music teacher, 1% chance id make it big and play professionally. as an engineer, let me tell you, you will have no financial woes for the rest of your life. engineers make great money.

the way i looked at it was, if i become an engineer, i can get a good job and make lots of money. so, thats what i did. however, that never stopped me from being involved with music. im in a band, we practice once a week and play open mics/gigs once a week. 2 nights a week is pretty modest. but its a great time and a great hobby to have! and i have a nice paying job which is vital for a drummer, since we have the most expensive hobby of any musician ;)

if i were you, id finish out my engineering degree. you dont have much left to go, and when you're done, money will be one thing you wont have to worry about, and that will be a huge relief in the long run. if you make enough of it, you'll have no problem funding travels all over the world (im also a huge traveller, having lived in china and germany, among other places for years).

i dunno, it seems like youre at the same point i was 6 or 7 years ago. i made the decision to finish my degree, and i have not looked back. best decision ive made. my job isnt the greatest... but it lets me do the other things in life that i love doing. and to be honest, i much prefer playing music as a hobby as opposed to getting paid for it, ya know? im never concerned about what a gig pays because i dont rely on the money. i just play because its fun as hell! also, one of the reasons i chose materials engineering (with an emphasis on metallurgy) was so someday i can go work for paiste designing cymbals haha!!

stick with it man. it might suck right now, but 2 more years of work is a small price to pay for a lifetime of financial stability. im trying to give you realistic advice here. some people are just going to follow their heart.... and thats fine until they end up living in their parents basement with no life lol.

maybe a good alternative would be to switch majors to something that you could apply to music? do as i did and trying metallurgy. or, do EE and design amplifiers and mixer boards. or do audio/acoustic engineering and design concert halls and auditoriums. there are so many options! you dont need to feel like you have only a single track to follow. there are plenty of options (and hands on options as well!) out there. you just need to look in the right places.

sidenote: engineers seem to be inherently good at music. music is pretty much just math and physics afteral!

hope this helps..***:D
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Default advice on school and life

You have given very little info on yourself so my advice about life will be very general:

1. Life will be much more simple if you accept that a lot of things in life are just the way they are. No use sweating over it or being bothered by it. Just go with the natural flow of things. Work with it rather than against it. People are born, people die, things are created, things are destroyed, people come, people go. Change is a necessary part of life just as stasis ('no change') is. Which brings me to my next point...
2. Accept duality. Nothing in life is really black and white. Sometimes people try to do good and something awful comes of their good actions. Perhaps a life was saved that later went on to hurt or kill multiple people. That's just the way of things. There is good and there is evil just as there is night and day. Neither are better than the other. They just exist to perpetuate the way the universe works.
3. When something terrible has happened and you think it shouldn't have happened, you are wrong. If it wasn't supposed to happen then it wouldn't have happened.
4. Always trust and consult BOTH intuition and reasoning. Hunches are just as valuable as solid logic.
5. Even if advice does not seem relevant now or was not what you asked, do not blow it off. It may help you at some later time. No knowledge is useless. Everything must be appreciated. You will be a more grounded person.
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Default advice on school and life

got a library where u live?

100s of good books to figure out what to be when grown up.

books on how to own your money , not b owned by money.

books on place to go to OR not.
things to do Or not.

great series of books is
"for dummies" or "idiots guide to"
will allow u to explores subject of interest.

good knowledge, Action = good luck.
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Default advice on school and life

Do something you hate for the rest of your life and make lots of money, or do something you love and make very little. Those are your options.
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