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Default my chances of getting into duke university

I have a weighted GPA of 4.3; however, I managed to butcher my SAT by falling asleep during the math portion, of course, my best area, that would have risen my score tremendously if I had managed to stay awake. I ended up getting a 1800 overall score. *facepalm*... anyway, I'm taking it again soon, and hopefully I will be in the 2000's next time around. I'm also going to take the ACT.
As far as some other props that may help:
I go to Governor's School for math, science, and technology (like a magnet school for the specific subjects for those who of you who aren't aware)
I've already conducted some meaningful research through my Gov School
Won an alternate Grand Prize award to go to Intel International Science Fair
(and a bunch of miscellaneous awards)
Student at Mathematica Camp (1/36 internationally)
Accepted to a month long medical mentorship at VCU, however I am not able to attend due to the Mathematica (1/ 23 in VA)
Will be in a medical mentorship through a hospital in my area during January
Beta Club
Started an art club at my school (leader)
Starting a Key Club at my school (confirming a sponsor as of now)
Mu Alpha Theta
Scholastic Bowl (similar to Quiz Bowl) (Captain)
Head of Prom Committee
I did some youth group along with some miscellaneous volunteering
AP Language
AP Accelerated Calculus BC
AP Gov
AP Spanish
First in Class (of 50- yes my school is TINY and extremely under funded)
Insight? Something I could add on? Chances?

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Default my chances of getting into duke university

To me you sound like the perfect candidate for Duke University. As long as your next SAT score is good and your get a good score on your ACT test I think you have an excellent chance. And if you are really good at math, consider taking the Math SAT subject test to show off how good you are.
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