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Default is it wrong of me to move out

I'm 18 and I want to move out. I've already graduated highschool and I plan on moving in with my boyfriend who has his own place and is more than ok with me moving in. My family is a tough situation. My mom has MS, no job, and gets really bad headaches that require her to rest most of the day while I'm left to watch my 11 year old brother who has Down syndrome. My dad works 2 jobs and constantly bitches about me not having a job or getting started on college whenever he has me home bound taking care of my brother and mom. And he doesn't have a college fund for me yet he was able to spend $6,000 on a cruise and however much money on a new car. It's frustrating. I'm getting tired of this routine. It's been to long of me dealing with this. I want to move out yet I feel bad for abandoning my family. I'm just starting to hate it here.

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Default is it wrong of me to move out

I think you should move out. But, spend as much time at your parents' house as you can, and help with as much as you can. You shouldn't feel bad for moving out, because your life has just started! You graduated high school, you pretty much have a fresh start ahead of you! You should take advantage of it. Maybe you could even get a job when you move out and give the money to your parents to help them out. This may make it easier for your parents to accept the fact that you have moved out. Best of luck to you.
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Default is it wrong of me to move out

What an awful position to be in. I can understand your loyalty to your mother and your brother but you also have to begin your own life at some stage. Be absolutely certain that you want to move in with your boyfriend because you want to be with him and not because you're trying to escape your family situation.
In the meantime, look around your area for available services that will assist your mother and the care of your brother. You can even offer to go home two or three times a week and help out with housework etc.
Your father is just selfish so ignore what he says. Maybe it's time for him to start taking more than just financial responsibility for his wife and son anyway. He's been using you as an unpaid babysitter for long enough.
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Default is it wrong of me to move out

hmm...That's a tough one.
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