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Default any tips for first time craigslist sellers

Any tips for a first time craigslist seller? I plan on selling several items such as; motorcycles, atvs, paintball guns, gaming systems, exercise equipment, and musical insturments.

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Default any tips for first time craigslist sellers

Dont go anywhere alone. Dont invite them to your home. Meet at a parking lot in the day if possible. Dont accept checks. Dont accept trades.
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Default any tips for first time craigslist sellers

Here are some tips:

- Meet the buyers in a public place and bring a friend or family member. Try to avoid having people come to your home or place of business, and try not to meet them at their home or in a place that's sketchy. I know this might be a problem when selling large items or items that need to plug in, but try to follow this rule when practical; it's safer.

- Never ship an item, only deliver it to the seller in person. When a buyer on Craigslist asks you to ship, that is often a sign of a scam.

- Only accept cash. Checks (personal or cashier's) can be faked and your bank may even let you deposit them, only to withdraw the funds weeks later when they discover the problem.

- Never ever deal with someone who offers to pay more than you are asking. That is for sure a scam - they'll pay you with a fake check and ask you to give them the difference, which you'll do before the check turns out to be fake.

- Include good photos in your ad, make it clear what condition the item is in, and what you want for it. Ask for a realistic price; most of the prices I see on Craigslist are high. And if you say "OBO" (or best offer), that really does mean what it says, so don't waste buyer's time if you aren't willing to part with something unless it hits the minimum price you want.

- Make it clear in your ad how someone is to contact you and when. You need to be prepared for a high level of flakes, like people who say they will come at 5PM on Saturday but never show up. So if someone wants you to meet at a time or place that's not convenient for you, just refuse as it's not worth the hassle.

- Treat buyers as first come, first served. If you get a bunch of responses to an ad, don't tell anyone you'll save an item until they can come look at it. Your goal is to sell the items, so if someone shows up and is ready to buy, don't put them off because you promised to wait for someone else to come by first (who may flake out, see above)..***:D
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Default any tips for first time craigslist sellers

Provide good photos.

It's meant as a replacement for newspaper ads for making local sales, there are oversees scam artists who will offer more than you asking price, paying with a bad check, sticking you will "shipping" fees paid fr4om that check.

People have garage sales with lots of strangers stopping by all the time, unless your advertising gold bars I don't know that there is a big risk of people "casing" your house for robbery, etc. You could promote is as a sale event with a specific time frame.
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