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Default finance my money

According to my mother the first thing I should is save and pay should I put my wants aside and focus on necessities?

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Default finance my money

My father taught me how to make a budget, and he showed me how important it is to be organized in managing family funds.” Meanwhile, Anna’s mother taught her other practical lessons. “She showed me the value of comparing prices before buying,” says Anna, adding, “Mom could work wonders with a small amount of money.” What has been the benefit to Anna? “I am now able to care for my own finances,” she says. “I carefully control my spending, so I have the freedom and the peace of mind that come from avoiding unnecessary debt.”

Would just having more money be the solution to your spending problems? “We all think that a bigger paycheck would be the answer to our financial woes, but that is rarely the case,” says financial adviser Suze Orman.

To illustrate: If you were driving and did not have control of your car or were in the habit of steering with your eyes closed, would putting more fuel in your tank make you more comfortable? Would you be more likely to reach your destination safely? Likewise, if you do not learn how to control your spending, earning more money will not improve your situation.
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Default finance my money

the rule is one third to save, a third for neccesities and a third for whatever you need or to save. better to save now than to be in debt in the future, stillpaying debts off over 40 years later
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Default finance my money

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Default finance my money

Money is finance. What is it you want the money to finance?
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