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Default calculate shares of a stock i can buy

So i'm using sharebuilder and I started recently decided to get into some stocks. But the sharebuilder calculator is straight effe'd up! they tell me I can buy this many shares with the amount I have, I click add to cart and go and then it keeps saying that my account doesnt have enough to buy that amount.. so what do I do!?!

theres a 6.95 base commission and a 0.007 surcharge for every surcharge per share when the average execution price per share is less than $1.00.

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Default calculate shares of a stock i can buy

shares lower then $1 are penny stocks and do not invest in those shares thus the calculating would like this

money on brokerage account - fee - the tax on the bought shares has to been payd even when the foreign share is traded at the Nyse stockmarket or at the Nasdaq

this amount divided by the course you want to pay

in numbers in a spreadsheet

=integer((available - feeincurrency)/ maxcoursetopay) => the number 1.99 will become 1
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Default calculate shares of a stock i can buy

Money + commission / price of stock = how many shares you can buy.
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Default calculate shares of a stock i can buy

How are we supposed to don't say how many shares you want, the cost of each share and how much money you have in your account.

Until you give this one can make a statement other than apparently you don't have enough money in your account for the transaction.

A guess is that you are a day trader and sold some stock and WRONGLY feel the funds for that sale are immediately available for your next trade....but it takes 3-5 days for the paperwork to clear before those funds are in your account.

But that is an my's calculations of whether you have funds available to buy stock are rarely (if ever) wrong....

Edit: AND...if you still think you are in the right and they are wrong....why are you talking to us about it....Every legitimate broker has a telephone help line....PHONE them and straighten things out....there is nothing we can do about it....They don't bite.
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