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Default the two basic views of the value-delivery process (marketing)

The two basic views of the value-delivery process? (Marketing)?

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Default the two basic views of the value-delivery process (marketing)

What is a Value Delivery Process?

A value delivery process is an amalgamation of value creation and the delivery process, which are divided into three phases. The first phase is choosing the value, which refers to the homework that marketers must do in terms of market segmentation, appropriate market selection, and developing an offering’s value positioning or identifying the values that the company’s product or service should meet. The second phase is providing the value, wherein marketers must determine the price, features and distribution method. The third phase is to communicate value by making use of the sales force, advertising tools, promotional activities, and other important mediums that are necessary for announcing a product or service’s existence and its features. In other words, the process starts from identification of customer values that are usually not met by existing products or services in the market, creating a product or service that offers those customer values and creating an awareness of the product or service in the consumer market through marketing.For example, in the mid 90s, there were no camera phones. Cell phones came only with a calling and texting feature. However, there were customers who wished to have integrated cameras in their mobile devices. In this example, the wish to have integrated cameras is the customer value. Companies that constantly strived to identify the needs of the customers came across this customer value through market research. The marketing professionals of the company communicated this unaddressed customer value to their firm’s R&D department. The company invested funds into the R&D process and determined the mode of distribution for cell phone. They priced the phone and determined the distribution channels for the phone. To ensure that the customers are aware of the phone’s existence, they started promoting the product (cell phone) through advertisements and other marketing tools. Customers took notice of the phone, realized that the phone came with an integrated camera, and started buying the device. This entire process starting from customer value identification to the final sale of the product is what the concept of value delivery process is all about.
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