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Default become rich from the stock market

I know the answer is yes, you can. But today I read something that particularly hit me and made me realize it's best to start as soon as possible if i want to even make that a possibility.

I plan on saving up for the next five years (so about $30,000 or so, I'm only 20) and see what I can do from there.

I would then use a decent amount of that money to invest properly. Until then, I plan on doing major research and educating myself on the subject of the stock market, how it works, what companies to invest in, what companies to stay away from, etc.

Any advice for a beginner like me?
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Default become rich from the stock market

its a strategy game of coarse u can
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Default become rich from the stock market

Yes. Don't. You're talking about playing the market, and that just flat doesn't work. The only people who consistently make big bucks are ones with inside information or ones who spend so much they can actually affect prices. You'd have better luck in Vegas. Long term investing in broad index and mixed funds for retirement is one thing. Day to day management of your funds isn't investing. It's gambling.

If all the experts who wrote books or gave seminars had even a tiny edge, they wouldn't be writing books and giving seminars for a living. It's one giant scam.
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Default become rich from the stock market

Yes you can be rich. But quick profits from stock speculation maybe very appealing and this is a trap many a new investor falls into. It is far better to invest in what are termed quality assets that will appreciate in time. Choose blue chip stocks rather than speculative stocks that may or may not yield high returns. When choosing stocks and shares it is highly preferable to opt for the ones that have a history of doing well even in slow economic climates. It is advisable to adopt right stock tips and share tips before investing in stocks. Investment markets tend to run in cycles with a boom often followed by a downturn after a few years. Investors need to develop patience and hold on to investments to ride out the downturn. You have to stay on top of the investment market to be prepared for the bad times and take full advantage of the boom periods. These tips can be utilized fairly well to allow people to buy the shares of a particular company at the end of the day and hold on to it to be sold on the next day when the share prices are up. If the share prices of a particular company are on the fall, then with the help of the share market tips, people can know if the prices are going to fall further or they are going to stabilize in the coming days. Accordingly, the investors can be aware as to which shares to buy or while shares to sell to optimize profits and decrease losses.
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Default become rich from the stock market

Stock trading is a strategy. Every year, the actual amount of money changing hand at the stock market amount to $40,000,000,000,000,000. If you have the right strategy, you can make every single dollar stopped in your account.
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