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Default management rewards system

You have just been promoted to lead the electrical engineering branch within the engineering division for a local Army command. You will be supervising twelve civilian federal government employees whose annual salaries are determined by the civil service system. Your branch consists of five senior engineers, who have reached the maximum grade level within the civil service grading scale for senior, non-supervisory engineers. Therefore, those five employees cannot receive a pay raise unless they leave the organization for employment elsewhere. An additional five engineers within your branch still have promotion potential within the civil service grading scale. However, the possibility of promoting even exceptional performers within the next two years is small considering the current economy and Army funding level. Your branch also includes a secretary and administrative assistant who also have minimal promotion potential. Within the next twelve months, your branch is responsible for some major tasks that are critical to the Army. Being a good manager, you realize that you need to have a plan for rewarding good performers in order to provide motivation for your employees. Any reward system must be approved by your division manager. Summarize the reward options you will ask for permission to consider when any of your employees excels at their assigned tasks. Explain why you have chosen these options.

any ideas?
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