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Default need financial advice urgently

My girlfriend and I recently moved into a house together with some roommates. A couple months after we were settled in my girlfriend lost her job and our roommates left without paying us any rent. Our house payments are now about 4 months overdue and total around $3000, before internet and electric. She has a job now but the problem is that we are so far behind. We have tried to get loans as well as credit cards so we can defer payments while we play catch up but neither of us has any credit.
We have run out of options and I don't know what to do. I need the internet for school and they will be shutting off that on the 14th if we can't pay and the house payments are due by march 8th.
If anyone has any idea of what we could do, please let me know! I am desperate.

Thank you very much.

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Default need financial advice urgently

It's easier than you may feel it is to solve the problem. Every company wants to get paid and none of them (including your landlord or bank) want to chase you down for payments. You should call each of them for the following reasons:

1. Your electric company has a fund (sometime paid by donations from other users) to cover people in financial hardship

2. Your landlord does not want to have to find new tenants and pay to evict you (I was a landlord and had to have tenants removed and had to garnish wages, which was a pain). They will usually work with you if they can be sure they will get payments. I would call them and ask for a new contract that would allow you to make new payments that would include a slow repayment of your old balance.

3. Your internet provider will likely allow you to catch up and you may have to speak with their collections department. However, they are not likely to have the same fund as the electric company or other utilities.

4. Don't get any credit cards, that would just make things worse.

5. The most important thing is that you don't wait any longer to resolve the issue. Get a hold of them now so you can get a plan in place. You may have to go to a family member or use the internet at a hotspot to save some cash or implement other budget measures to save in the interm till you get caught up. Basically, creditors just want to get paid. So if you can show them how you are going to do that they are usually willing to work with you and remember, you are not the first person to have to go through this. If you don't get the answer you are looking for from the low level employees, ask for a manager who can work with your account and allow you not to get cut off. If they are government utility companies, they have to answer to tax payers, so there is always oversite and a city or county official who can intervene on your behalf. Best of luck
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Default need financial advice urgently

You are in a difficult position but I think you need to talk with your landlord and explain the situation, let them your wife has also got the job and you would be in better financial position within some months. If he is a good person, I think he will understand.
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