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Default raise money with crowdfunding (help)

I've been having trouble with this for the longest time, yet, it is my ONLY choice, and my only hope to raise money for a film I'm doing. I've written so many amazing screenplays that just couldn't get made into movies because I cannot get my hands on ANY money for them. So far it seems pointless because it would seem you absolutely MUST get a package. If so, then what the h***s the point then? I'm not able to raise a single penny because 1) No one I know gives a damn 2) Hardly anyone is willing to support me (in other words, donate/contribute) 3) I don't know MILLIONS BILLIONS GAGILLIONS of people. If I sound angry, that's just because I am. I LOATH Crowdfunding, but I have no other choice. My only choice is to set up a campaign and PRAY TO GOD that it raises ANY money.

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Default raise money with crowdfunding (help)

You want to make an independent movie or a commercial one?
If your script(s) really is amazing, try entering film festivals and contests. If you're into making a "real" movie, as in commercial, and if your script really is amazing, you will land a manager without trouble (not that it happens that easy), who will shop it around for a potential sell.
If it's not as amazing as you think it is (and most times this is the case), you will probably need to get funding using sites like kickstarter (I'm assuming you've tried that?). EDIT: If you got enough money to shoot a pitch or a (professional) sample, that should help.
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