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Default job application questions, need help

so im filling out this online job application to mcdonalds and it asks me employments history but ive never worked anywhere before, this would be my first job, and there is no place for me to say i dont have employment history, so do i skip it and leave it blank?

thanks in advance!
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Default job application questions, need help

Just use the first job history area or write "See the comment section" or whatever section there is to explain that this would be your first job. There is nothing embarrassing about applying for your first job and many times managers would rather hire someone who is eager to get their first job. If you have done any volunteer work or participated in fund raising events then you could also put that in the work history area. Somewhere you should explain that this is your first job but that you are dependable and a hard worker. If the work history is the only place then write it there. Otherwise put a note in the work area to tell them where to find your explanation on the application. Best of luck to you!
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Default job application questions, need help

How old are you? if your still in your teenage years i would leave them blank and if there's a " add comments" section i would tell them that this would be your first job and you are very dependable, have flexible hours, and that you stay focused and work hard. Or you can put that and add references. " NON FAMILY MEMBERS THAT KNOW YOU ARE A GOOD WORKER. Just people that you know like family friends or just friends. Also if you have family that doesnt have your last name. I mean its not like they will know that they are your family! References that will give you a good word for The hiring manager to call. Give them the name and contact info. If you do that let the person you are referring to know that you are trying to get a job and ask them if they ill put in a good word for you.PUT AS MANY REFERENCES AS POSSIBLE. THE MORE THE BETTER YOU LOOK. Make you application look as good as POSSIBLE. So that way you have a more of a chance to get the call. So like on the app. they ask you what hours are you avaible to work. PUT ANY in everyday of the week. That, and check ALL the boxes where it ask you if you want to work seasonal, Part time, Full time, or temporary. So when and if you do get a call for an interview, you can discuss everything in the interview and setup everything with the hiring manager. Also if you dont have a "Real Job" history, Put in that you have worked for someone in the past that you have worked for that wasn't a real job ya know. Now let that person know you will be referring them to a job interview for good advice for Mcdonalds. So that way they know you are trustworthy and have a good background for work work ethnic. The key is to make yourself look AS GOOD AS POSSIBLE. You want them to think you are the one for the job. CHECK ALL THE BOXES FOR the type of jobs they are offering. EXAMPLES: Cook, Cashier, Maintenance, Janitor, ETC. Another key is to Make them know you WANT the job. DO NOT be lazy when filling out an app. POOR applications get ignored. I Promise lol. I have filled out 100's and 100's of them. If you have a UPS distribution center. Google UPS Careers. And apply for an app there. You as almost Guaranteed to get a job. You will start out at the bottom. But its a GREAT job. I work for them. I am a sorter. i have worked there for a 1-1/2 and i make 11.00 an hour. I got 3 raises within two or three months.
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