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Default any advice on getting an apprentiship in the uk.

Ok, I'm 30. I work in retail as a duty manager (lowest rung of manager =1 extra per hour if I'm the only manager working) in a store, it's hard work, very long hours and for amazingly little pay. Plus, I have to deal with the occasional spat of abuse from very angry people whom I can do very little for and for things that are really not any fault of mine.

Wouldn't mind going for an apprentiship as an electrician. I understand the pay will be much less then is comfortable during the apprentiship, but the long term rewards are better. I wouldn't be able to start for about a year due to commitments but am thinking I should go for it.

Anyone done this type of thing or have any knowledge which would be useful on this subject?

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Default any advice on getting an apprentiship in the uk.

any skill is better than what you are doing but we live in a country that has turned into a nation of service providers house building is virtually none existent industry is very poor there aren't the vacancies for skills at entry level you have to virtually achieve it on your own through higher learning we business doesn't teach anymore they want it ready made and these current apprenticeship schemes are a joke cheap government funded labour is all they are
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