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Default Is this a legit job opportunity?

I just received this email last night by some guy named James Perkins who works for this company called E-Motions Technology in London, England with a potential job offer. Here's a copy of what he sent me:

E-Motions Technology
London, England
United Kingdom

Hello, I hope this email meets you in good condition of health.

E-Motions Technology© Introduces the position of Accounts Receivable. We been providing construction, industrial, and
special event companies with construction rental tools and rental equipment for more than 33 years.Our reliable service and
dedication have helped clients get their job done efficiently and safely

Our goal is to always provide our clients with superior quality, we look forward to a new or continued successful relationship with our clients. Your Responsibility is to process payments from customers and clients and you do not need to travel to meet our client or Customer as all payment will be delivered to you at home, the requirements for the candidates are:- Being energetic, responsible, honest and industrious-Being having a few (1-2 hrs a day) to check your email -Must have a phone and a valid email for easy communication.

* The monthly salary is $1000 monthly.
* You get 10% commission on every payment processed {e.g When you process payment worth $2000 you get $200 instantly }
* All costs incurred on transportation, and western union transfer charges.
* Other incentives based on performance.

* Checking your email for daily communication and instruction.
* Collection of payments from clients and cashing/depositing funds.
* Deduction of 10% commission for every payment cashed.
* Remittance of 90% balance as instructed, then reporting details through email

Method of application is through email, you are to provide the following information :

Address Line(NO P.O BOX):
Cell Phone :


A swift acknowledgment of the receipt of this email will be appreciated.

Thank you

Mr. James Perkins
So I don't know if I should reply to this guy or not. For all I know, this could be illegal here in the US so I don't want to take any chances. Any advice on if I should ignore this email or reply to him?
Thank you Sing it, John, Wayne, and those of you who were polite in your answers, I had a feeling this was a scam but I wanted to get more input, so thanks.

Go With the Flow, you're rude and an idiot for calling somebody else naive. I just asked a simple question, no need to tear my head off about it.
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Default Is this a legit job opportunity?

Scam, id thief
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Default Is this a legit job opportunity?

Anything from a different country that starts with something like "I hope this finds you in good health" is bogus. Ignore it. I'm sure you'll get a few more of those from different 'companies' this year that read very similar
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Default Is this a legit job opportunity?

Scam - don't you see it?
Stop looking at Craigslist for jobs. Consider it scams list.
Anything to make money online from home is 100% scam.

Goodness gracious. I think schools should at least spend some time teaching kids about how everyone out there is trying to scam them.
Any checks you receive will be fake.
Or worse, you would be involved in a Money Laundering Scam.
The cops would show up at your door and they would not believe you did not know you were doing criminal activity. No one could be this naive.
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Default Is this a legit job opportunity?

100% Scam.

It is just the run of the mill fake check scam.

They will send you a check that is fake but looks real. You will be asked to cash it and send 90% of the proceeds overseas via Western Union. Then, a couple of weeks later, the check bounces. This leaves you on the hook for covering the check and possibly even facing criminal fraud charges yourself.

There are tons of "jobs" like this out there. They are all scams.
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