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Default Funding for a new business?

My friend & I would like to start up our own equestrian based business but are lacking the start up funds. We would need to secure some land to rent (hopefully with a view to buy at a later date), we'd need to erect stables & in time build a schooling arena. We would be running a livery yard that provided livery on a full, part & DIY basis, we'd have links with local professionals inc farriers, back specialists etc & we would also like to rescue & rehabilitate unwanted horses & ponies so they could be sold on as healthy & rideable.

We would be very grateful to have advice from someone who's started up this type of business & also financial advice on start up grants etc available. We both have the experience with horses but would like to start up our own business.

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Default Funding for a new business?

Banks would not fund you in the UK unless you had a good business plan and a deposit of your own. Too many businesses are failing.
You would have to find a farmer willing to rent you land, but permission to build structures such as stables would be almost impossible. ( It is in Cornwall) And it would have to be the landowner to apply ( and it costs) not yourself.
I suggest you buy copies of Farmers weekly or Horse and hound, or Country life which will give you more insight of land or existing businesses which are for sale in your area.
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