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Default How to pay for MasterCard online (BMO)?

This is my first CC, so I'm not sure how this works. I bought something, and then to "pay off" my MC I transfered funds from my Checking Account to my MC Account, but this doesn't seem to have paid for it, instead it looks like it added money to it or something. I can transfer it back, so I'm not too worried if what I did was wrong, but how wrong was it, and will it cost me anything?

And of course, how do I pay for my MasterCard online, Via BMO Online Banking. Please be very precise as to where to click! Thanks in advance.
@ Uncommon Sense: The whole point of asking online is so I don't have to call. I don't have any minutes on my phone either, as I just use it for texting. I also don't have access to a local branch. Answer the question please, and don't bother answering something if it's just the equivalent of "Google it".
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Default How to pay for MasterCard online (BMO)?

So call them and ask!
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Default How to pay for MasterCard online (BMO)?

Have you gotten your first statement in the mail yet?

I know with BMO, you're going to have to make the 1st payment at the branch so they can register your account #. Then for next time, all you have to do is sign in to your BMO account online & go to "pay bills" at the top of the screen & you should see your MC account #.
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